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Series 51 Limit Switches | Stromag

Series 51 geared cam limit switches are universal, mechanical switchgear that can map a wide range of shaft rotations to the angular displacements of the installed cam discs. These cam plates actuate the mechanical switching contacts. They are used where angles or distances cannot be limited directly by switchgear, but only indirectly on the basis of the measured angle of rotation.

One classical example of this application involves limiting the hook lift of a crane hoist.

Product Features

  • Series 51
  • Patented planetary gears
  • Cam adjustments at fixed position in the housing (simple and precise adjustments)
  • Patented block adjustments
  • Large cam disc diameter
  • Modular design with many identical parts
  • 1-8 contacts
  • 4.1-16,000 usable revolutions
  • Various housing designs
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Stromag Series 51 Rotary Limit Switch