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The Wichita Air-Tube Disc Clutch combines all the best features of the disc type clutch with all the advantages of the direct air engagement. The simplest and most trouble-free method of applying air pressure is through direct axial pressure application by compressed air in a special composition full-circle tube.

Wichita Clutches engage smoothly without noise, shock or impact and release completely in a fraction of a second. Extremely fast action is possible because of the small volume of air required.

    • Clutches may be slipped moderately to control the acceleration rate.
    • When large inertia loads are powered from electric motors, smooth, controlled slip starts by Wichita Clutches can keep power demands below the allowed maximum.
    • Heat generated by controlled slipping or high cycle rate operation is dissipated by the centrifugal blower design of these units.
    • Wichita Low Inertia and Very Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes are designed to be completely free from effects of centrifugal force and self energization.
    • Torque developed is in direct proportion to air pressure applied.
    • These clutches and brakes interface well with automated controls through simple air and/or electric circuits.
    • Water cooled, copper disc clutches are available for use when power transmission needs require excessive or constant slipping which demands higher heat dissipation.
    • Wichita Clutches operate perfectly when teamed with Wichita Brakes in production situations requiring tension control, cylic duty, or positioning.
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