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AquaMaKKs LI-SSB Brake

Wichita Clutch AquaMakks LI-SSB Brake

The AquaMaKKs LI-SSB air-cooled, air tube released, low inertia, high-torque brakes have been specially modified to withstand highly corrosive sea spray and direct seawater splash prevalent in marine deck areas. LI-SSB models utilize the standard, offshore-proven, AquaMaKKs brake housing which features three-part epoxy marine grade paint and stainless steel hardware for added corrosion protection.

    • Special alloy stainless steel wear (center) plates incorporated to resist damage from corrosion
    • An engineered friction material specially designed to run against the stainless steel wear plates
    • Available in the 19, 25, and 36 inch sizes
    • Up to 750,000 lbs. static torque rating
    • Shim design makes it easy to maintain and adjust for wear
    • Models can be easily converted into water-cooled brakes
    We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.