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Wichita Clutch

Mesur-Fil Fluid Couplings


Soft Start and/or Over Load Protection

Known in the past as Simplatrol, Formsprag or Mesur-Fil, the smaller size 7.0, 9.4 and the 12.4 size fluid couplings are manufactured in Wichita Falls, TX.

These are available for electric motors from ½ HP to 50HP that operate at speeds as low as 500 RPM and as high as 3600 RPM. During start-up the fluid coupling will reduce the current draw on your electric motor by 33%.

Fluid couplings come standard with:

  • High temperature Viton™ oil seals
  • Welded construction to eliminate leaks on size 7.0, 9.4 and 12.4

Mesur-Fil Fluid Couplings

Designed to deliver reliable smooth power transmission, specifically in a soft start or overload application. The Formsprag Mesur-Fil fluid coupling is designed with no mechanical contact of internal parts. This will insure minimal maintenance and long life.

    • All aluminum housing and impeller for low rotating inertia
    • Reduces energy consumption
    • Wide range of mounting options
    • Standard gear coupling used for shaft to shaft coupling
    • Fluid coupling with built-in QD hub for sheave mounting on the electric motor shaft
We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.