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Wichita Clutch

Multi-Plate Disc Brakes


Wichita Clutch, utilising technology developed alongside sister-company Industrial Clutch Corporation, produces "wet" brake solutions that generate torque through shearing of the oil layer: This technology, when used for dynamic braking, results in negligible lining wear and is therefore ideal for the limited-access nature of submerged turbine installations. Dry multi-plate units are produced in both brake and clutch derivatives; the latter may be used to provide over-load protection of the drive train when configured as a torque-limiting device.

    • Customised spring-applied 'wet' brake units may be configured to provide up to 3MNm dynamic torque
    • Proven in industrial,marine and tidal turbine applications
    • Oil-in-shear technology; dynamic braking with no wear and no debris
    • Rapidly biodegradable hydraulic fluid (fully decomposed by water organisms without affecting the environment) 
    • Designs in excess of 3 MNm dynamic torque rating
    • Highly customisable design to optimise the brake package for torque in the available space
    • Stub or through-shaft layouts
    • High thermal and smooth engagement performance
    We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.