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Genuine Wichita Replacement Hub for Hydraulic Shear

September 22, 2016
Replacement Hub for Hydraulic Shear

A major metalworking shop in the UK was convinced to purchase a non-Wichita Clutch replacement steel hub for an 18-inch Wichita spring set brake on one of its main hydraulic shears. The machine’s shutdown period was scheduled, but the new hub was physically the wrong size and clearly of a different design and so could not be installed. This was a serious problem as the machine’s production process could not be restarted until a correct hub was installed.

Fortunately, the fabrication shop called Wichita and a new, temporary cast iron splined hub was supplied overnight to allow the customer to get up and running quickly. In the meantime, Wichita manufactured a new steel hub which was installed during the next available shutdown.

This was a costly experience for the customer in terms of lost production, maintenance and parts expense: resulting in the supplier of the non-genuine parts being banned from their facility.

Process and maintenance managers are occasionally approached by competing companies that offer “equivalent parts” for OE products and, in some cases, their arguments of reduced prices can convince a customer to use the products. However, quality will always be remembered, long after the price has been forgotten.

Wichita has years of experience in building value into every Genuine Wichita Replacement Part. Competitively-priced Wichita parts, made with quality materials and leading-edge technology, not only outlast the competition, resulting in lower life cycle costs, they also fit precisely to give customers the assurance of trouble-free performance. That’s why Wichita can confidently offer the very best warranty in the business.

Wichita Replacement Hub

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  • Genuine Wichita Clutch replacement hubs
  • Temporary cast iron hub shipped overnight
  • Long-lasting steel replacement hub was manufactured and delivered in time for installation during next scheduled shutdown
  • 2-year warranty
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